The 5 best documentaries about yoga that are currently available on Netflix.

The 5 best documentaries about yoga that are currently available on Netflix. - Relax
There are a tremendous number of documentaries or films about yoga, wellbeing, or mindfulness available. Not all of them are equally uplifting. However, all are incredibly interesting to watch. Which ones did we think were the best? And which documentaries can you watch on Netflix right now? Here's our contribution to the 5 best documentaries (in no particular order) that we think are worth watching.
Headspace on netflix
Headspace, in 8 episodes, shows the benefits of meditation in a friendly, animated way, and offers techniques and guided meditations that you can start with immediately. (link to Headspace)
Bikram on Netflix
This rather shocking documentary shows the rise and fall of Bikram Choudhury, the founder of 'hot yoga,' as his empire grows and troubling facts come to light. (link to the Bikram)
Ram Das on Netflix
Ram Dass - Going Home
Ram Dass’ insights about the intimacy between life and death, and how their constant dance through the darkness brings us light, prompt reflection on your own beliefs. Ram Dass, Going Home is a calming documentary about an intriguing spiritual leader. (link to Ram Dass) 
Sadhaka La Senda Del Yoga on Netflix
Sadhaka La Senda Del Yoga
This documentary delves into the history, theories, benefits, and techniques of yoga. It features, among others, Ramiro Calle, who helped introduce yoga in Spain. (link to Sadhaka La Senda Del Yoga)
Doom of Love on netflix
Doom of Love / Askin Kiameti
After his advertising agency goes bankrupt, a debtor, Firat, falls for a singer during a yoga retreat and joins her on a journey of self-realization. (link to Doom of Love)